M14 Listy do N. 16

We met five years ago, but it feels as if I’ve kown you forever. Not necessairly love from the first sight, as I simply thought you were awkward sitting indoors wearing a hat and drinking whiskey in a pub, which no one in Poland does (but you couldn’t have known, you’ve only just arrived in – after Thailand and South Korea – yet another foreign exotic destination). When we started talking – that was it. We never shut up.

The longest first date ever, which, really – was at least three dates squeezed in one – and moving in together after just a couple of weeks of knowing each other. Literally a couple. Crazy – or meant to be. In the hindsight – I’m definitely opting out for the latter.

In those few years together we’ve had a life of riley, really. Some couples don’t have a lifetime of memories we do. All the journeys we’ve done, all the wine we’ve drunk, all the experiences we’ve shared and all the love we’ve learnt. Those are priceless.

There are ups and downs. It would be strange if there weren’t. I don’t believe in couples who never argue, never get bored of each other, never nag or whine. We’re not exactly the perfect couple either. But we’re us. Always ready to back each other, always ready to support each other, always ready to protect each other from whatever we might need protecing from. That’s what – to me – matters.

Never for a second have I regretted saying ‚yes’ two years ago. I said ‚yes’ to you and to the life with you whatever it was bringing. It was the two most amazing years ever and I believe – or rather – know for a fact – many more are to come.

Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for saying ‚yes’ to that life to. And thank you for everything I haven’t thanked you for yet.

You’re the love of my life.

Yours always,

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